Heels Stopper

Heels Stopper


The easy way to keep your heels clean 
Now that you have that perfect pair of high heeled shoes for a wedding, garden party, or a day at the races, don't let them get ruined by your heels stinking into mud and grass, or getting stuck between decking. 

Simply put on a pair of Clean Heels - Heel Stoppers and enjoy your day. Once you have finished you can rinse them off and pop them in your bag in no time at all. 

Clean Heels - Heel Stoppers are made to fit stiletto heels in a Plain Black or Glitter Clear and are available in three sizes. Petite, Small and Medium. The tubing protects the heel from mud stains or heel damage, and can be cut to the desired depth. It doesn't matter how much your shoes cost, nobody wants to have that sinking feeling on a special day! 

Petite fits heel widths 0.5cm - 0.8cm 
Small fits heel widths 0.9cm - 1.2cm 
Medium fits heel widths 1.3cm-1.6cm. 

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