#1 Hire a wedding planner before you start looking at venues.

Wedding planners can expertly assess the capabilities of a space, its layout, and the resources needed to transform it. Share your vision with them, and they’ll likely have a few places to suggest right away. Otherwise, they can go with you as you check out spaces; they can advise you on what works or not.

#2 Keep your vision in mind.

It’s easy to be swayed by the most amazing wedding venues, but keep your vision in mind. Start looking at art galleries or historic museums if your dream wedding is modern and artistic. Want a unique garden or outdoor wedding? Consider beautiful barns and vineyards as venues. Choosing a venue that fits your vision will make your wedding more beautiful.

#3 Confirm your guest list & discuss your budget.

Confirm your guest list before looking at wedding venues. You don’t want to book a beautiful space that’s too small or big for your guest lists. Also, discuss your wedding budget early on. When you have an accurate figure, it’s easier to stand your ground in case your parents or friends want to add more people to the guest list or suggest a venue that’s too grand.

#4 Consider your guests' experience.

Planning to invite lots of out-of-town guests? Having a destination wedding? Look for an event venue with enough accommodation for your guests or close to a hotel. While checking out a place, don’t forget to ask how many people it can fit comfortably. Remember that, sometimes, the maximum capacity of a room isn’t a comfortable amount of space.


#5 Ask what's included.

If you want to narrow down your options, consider service inclusions. Some places offer in-house catering, bar, and decor. Others even provide an all-service package. Have you found a beautiful wedding venue with a low price but doesn’t have many inclusions? Get quotes for catering, bar hire, and other rental items like furniture. That way, you can accurately compare that venue price with a place that offers all-service packages.