Capturing your big day: Your guide to the perfect wedding pictures

Your wedding is a day you will always want to remember and look back on. What better to do this with than the perfect photos? 

Here are our top tips for getting the dreamiest photos on your big day.


Choosing your perfect photographer: Do your research on photographers and make sure you take their style and reviews into consideration! Make sure you are certain you have found the perfect photographer to suit your style.

Capturing the little moments: Whether it's from your photographer or a wedding content creator, have someone there to capture the candid moments throughout your big day to truly showcase the feeling on the day.

Create a photo shot list: Have some photo ideas that are absolutely non-negotiable? Whether it's close ups, candids or ceremony photos, plan the shots that you must have in your wedding album for years to come.

Create a moodboard: You want your photos to perfectly encapsulate everything that your wedding was. Whether it's for a collage of images or to showcase the colour palette, having a moodboard will show your photographer every detail that you want.


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