Patricia Pallozi Raffaele Ciuca
"I grew up around tape measures, pins, and wedding dresses. Now I’m a proud mother and director of one of Australia’s largest wedding dress retailers. "

What female in your life do you admire and why?

My mum, Tina Ciuca. At the young age of 18, mum bravely left her small island town in Italy and ventured to Australia by boat in search of a better life. In Australia, she made it her mission to learn English and embrace any opportunity that came her way. In an incredible display of will and determination, mum was able to overcome language, economic, and gender barriers to create Raffaele Ciuca with her husband Raffaele. Together, as non-English speaking immigrants, they were able to create a successful business that now has over 40 employees. She is a constant reminder that hard work, determination, and resilience can help you achieve anything you desire in life. 

How can women show more support to one another?

We can show more support by embracing our own and each other’s imperfections more openly.
Although social media may show us otherwise, nobody on this Earth is perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections. When women feel empowered to be the best version of themselves, the world is a better place.
Give yourself and other women the grace to be imperfect, recognizing that we are all enough just the way we are.
Amy Gelsthorpe Everlasting Bridal

"I am a business owner of 3 boutiques in Monroe, Georgia, Everlasting Bridal, American Trilogy, and American Trilogy Formal. I am also the mom of 3 beautiful kids and a wife to the best husband. No day looks the same for me and I love it!" 

What female in your life do you admire and why? 

I admire all the women that work for me. I am constantly inspired by their hard work and creativity. I could not do it all without them by my side. 

How can women show more support to one another?

Just being kind to one another is the most simple way to show support. Everyone has their own crazy life going on and a little kindness and a smile go a long way.

Kirsty Wynack Embrace Bridal


Kristy opened Embrace Bridal in February 2015 after spending 16 years in the corporate world. After recently going through finding and purchasing a wedding dress, she felt that something was missing and Geelong was the place to open her very own Boutique. 

What female in your life do you admire and why?

My sister. I cannot even list all the reasons…. She is my role model, she is strong, she is selfless, and has the biggest heart. She has cared for me, supported me, and just been there no matter what (even when I have been a major pain in the backside). She is the most amazing mother and aunty and he KIND heart inspires me to be a better and kind person.

How can women show more support to one another? 

As Women, we can be so hard on ourselves and other women. In bridal we get to see Women their most vulnerable, we need to help each other feel good about ourselves, tell each other how amazing and beautiful we all are.  

It doesn’t matter how tall you all, what size clothes you were, or how big/little your backside is… every single female is beautiful and we need to stop judging.

We should be celebrating and lifting each other up- announce and sharing each other’s achievements and most of all just being KIND to each other.

Lisa Selman Brides Selection


"I'm the owner of Brides Selection Perth and I love the variety in the things we do as a small business owner. Every day is different!"

What female in your life do you admire and why?

I admire my Mum.  I admire how she speaks her truth, shows vulnerability, and never gives up.

How can women show more support to one another?  

We also need to work together to build each other up.  When I see fellow women accomplish something - I want to celebrate that and not let that make me feel anxious about something that I haven’t done, or am working on.  The simplest way we can help each other is to remember that someone else wins isn’t your loss.  Let’s celebrate us all kicking goals and be ok at the moment to celebrate those ahead of ourselves.  Support is surrounded by kindness and friendship - not competitiveness and jealousy.

Jessica Wu


New Zealand wedding dress designer Jessica Wu has been at the forefront of bridal fashion since being established in 2006, providing beautifully designed and handcrafted wedding gowns for the elegant, classic, and fashion-forward bride.

What do you love most about running a bridal business?

Working with lovely brides and the beautiful women that make bridal dreams come true - our lovely Jessica Couture retailers! 

Seeing my dresses and three labels (Jessica Couture, Miss Chloe, and Atelier Wu) being worn by brides all over the world! It's a very special feeling and I am always excited when I see real wedding photos of a JC bride!

How can women show more support to one another?

Be kinder to one another. Be inspired by one another and celebrate each other's success - big or small!