Sip & Try-on Open evening at Jessica Couture

Attention to all brides getting married in 2024 or 2025, the event of the year has arrived! Mark your calendars for a night of romance and bridal elegance at Jessica Couture Flagship Store Sip & Try-on Open Evening on 18th January 6:00PM - 8:00PM! 

Located in the heart of Newmarket, here at Jessica Couture Bridal we pride ourselves on our reputation as the perfect destination for those seeking sophistication and glamour along with a range of other bridal styles.



The Sip & Try-on Open Evening offers an exclusive opportunity to step into the world of bridal dreams. Whether you've just begun your wedding planning journey or are on the quest for that perfect gown, this event is a must-attend for anyone seeking inspiration and world class expertise, to ensure you get the best experience. We do encourage booking and have limited guests to only one.


Here are some reasons you should join us for the 18th of January 2024:



Bridal range Showcase:

  1.     Jessica Couture's latest bridal collections.  From ethereal lace to flowing silks and intricate designs, each gown reflects a blend of modern sophistication and classic charm, the ranges and styles will leave you spoilt with choices and allow you to gain insight into what exactly it is that you want.



Exclusive Consultations:

  1.     Take advantage of conversations and insight from our expert stylists at Jessica Couture Bridal. Whether you have a vision in mind or seek guidance in finding 'the one,' our dedicated team shares wisdom of trends, styles and insight that will have you saying yes to the perfect dress!

Trend forecast and Tips:

  1.     Gain insights into the latest bridal trends, styling tips, and accessorising ideas from our stylists. From neckline preferences to silhouette choices, you'll receive expert advice to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your special day and understand what is and what is not your style.



Celebration and finding connections:

  1.     Dress shopping can be daunting especially when it is your first time, using this opportunity to engage with fellow brides-to-be and to share stories can be the perfect way to celebrate the joy of wedding planning and having the experience of a lifetime.


From the team at Jessica Couture, we truly have your best interests at heart and want to see you thrive on your big day!

By joining us on the 18th of January at our Newmarket store you let us be a part of your day and your bridal journey which is a true privilege to us.


We look forward to seeing you then xoxo


-   Love from the team at JC Bridal x 

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