A Guide: How To Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Here at Jessica Couture, we know how important it is to find your perfect wedding gown but we find it equally important to make sure your wedding gown is looked after post-wedding.

Preserving your wedding gown is necessary if you would like to upkeep the look and make it last a lifetime. We have a quick guide on how to ensure your gown looks the same from your wedding day for years.


After walking down the aisle we would ask you to carefully remove any leaves, twigs (If any) and also if your dress includes detachable parts like the Tarryn gown. Once this is done you can bring your gown back into our Newmarket store at any time. One of our bridal experts will assess your gown and decide on the best cleaning method. Your gown will be ready to be picked up within two months of dropping it off.


After dry cleaning, we recommend keeping your dress in a preservation bag or box. Both are options that can be purchased from our store. These are for you to take home your gowns, allowing for long-term protection for many generations.


Choosing not to preserve your wedding gown you may risk yellowing the fabric, mold growth and even creasing the fabric permanently. So if you want to hang onto your wedding gown that reflects so much love and wonderful celebration to remember follow this guide and your memories will last forever.

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