Wedding trends set to be massive in 2023

As another year rolls around that means new bridal trends will follow. Brides are constantly wondering what will be the trends this year, what can I do to make my wedding the most personaliseld to me and my guests? With trends, there’s no getting around it and they evolve so quickly, but here are a few trends we have seen starting to grow and will be here to stay for a while. 

Short dresses

A short wedding dress? What? While you may be thinking the traditional mermaid and A-line dresses are favourites, data and the media have continuously shown that the mini bridesmaid dress can be just as formal as long dresses. Seriously, the demand for short wedding dresses this year is crazy  

Blazer and Pant suits for Brides

Again moving more away from the traditional bridal attire the increasing popularity of these are insane. Whether blazers or pants suits are worn at reception, ceremony or both, we are here for it. And we have only seen more and more brides have this as their preferred option for weddings in 2023.

Traditional short veil 

Now we are moving a bit back in time towards the traditional veil brides wear. The long veil is what's been trending these last few years. However, the upcoming trend for veils is the traditional over the face and mid back length.

Bow detailing

The bow is back. We have seen more and more accents of bow detailing as part of the bride's attire. This could be seen in the middle back of a brides dress, in her hair or even on a pair of heels. 

Mates of honour

The trend of male bridesmaids has started to increase throughout the media and we love the idea. Rather than wedding parties being created around gender specific groups, they reflect the actual friendships the bride has with the person.

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