What to bring to your bridal appointment

Getting engaged to your soulmate is exciting; however, it is only the beginning. Now it's time to start planning your wedding and search for your dream dress. When you begin your dress shopping journey, it can be pretty overwhelming. So to make your experience with Jessica Couture pleasant yet most productive, we would like to share a few tips with you about what
to bring to your first bridal appointment.  


#1 Collect some pictures or inspiration of dresses and let us know!

Bring along any names of dresses you have seen on our website or any images from Pinterest or social media that you are interested in the design or shape of. If you have an idea of what style you are after, it can cut down some time and focus on other important aspects of the appointment. 

#2 Be open-minded.
Even though you may bring inspirational photos of what you might think you want to wear, we encourage brides to keep an open mind. Be open to suggestions and trust your stylist. A lot of the time brides end up walking out with a totally different direction of what they originally planned.

#3 Consider wearing nude garments or shapewear to your appointment.
Wearing the correct undergarments will change the way dresses will look on you. You can wear a stick-on bra or nipple covers for modesty. However, all of our dresses have built-in cups and you will get a better idea of the gown without a bra on. In terms of underwear, nude colours are preferred, and if you considering wearing shapewear on your wedding day, bring it to help you get the true image.

#4 Shoes
If you have your intended wedding shoes with you or any shoes you feel comfortable trying wedding dresses on with, bring those along to your appointment. Alternatively, we do have some shoes available in store for this use. Otherwise, shoes are not necessary as each bridal
fitting room has a special stool. 

#5 Accessories
Any accessories you know you want to wear with your gown – whether it's Mum's veil or Grandma's pearls, it's always good to visualise the whole look together. We have veils and jewelry in store that you are welcome to try on with the gowns too. 

#6 Hair tie or clip
Bringing a hair tie or clip is essential. Especially if you don't yet know how you want to style your hair on the day and want to visualise different options - taking a photo each way is ideal. This will also help one of our team members help you to accessorise your look. 

Light make-up is recommended to help you complete your look, and kindly please no freshly applied fake tan.

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