Choose your venue and date

So you're newly engaged and you have a venue in mind but you're not sure what date your wedding day is. We recommend having your wedding no less than 12 months from your engagement. However, if your wedding is less then 6 months away you can purchase one of our sample dresses off the rack.

Once you have a date set in stone you can now start the fun part… Dress shopping. 

9-12 months before the wedding

Book an appointment online or over the phone. Bring inspirational photos and wear neutral undergarments, if possible. A bridal stylist will work closely with you by selecting 6-8 different silhouettes for you to try on. From there we will narrow down to your favourite dress that you say YES to.

6 months before the wedding

We will place an order for production which will take approx 6 months.In the meantime we recommended organising all the things for your wedding such as a photographer, florals, sending out invitations and more!

6-8 weeks before the wedding

Your Arrival Fitting. During this time you will try on YOUR dress for the first time and we will get straight into the alteration process. We recommend bringing your wedding shoes. A follow-up fitting may be required.

2 weeks before the wedding 

Your Final Fitting. Your dress is finished and ready for you to take home! 


Book your appointment here! Look forward to seeing you in store xx