Should I Wear My Engagement Ring on My Wedding Day?

The truth is, it is entirely up to you what you do with your engagement on your wedding day but if you are unsure what to do here are 4 options or ideas for you to use.

Traditionally your wedding band goes first on your wedding finger and it will sit under your engagement ring so it is closest to your heart. To ensure this proper position some people like to take off their engagement ring during the ceremony. Some brides temporarily move their engagement ring to their right hand and then after the ceremony they will place it back over the wedding band on their left hand. 

Another option is that you can just leave your engagement ring at home and not wear it at all. Some brides like to just wear their wedding band on their wedding day.

You could give it to your maid of honor, while she is already busy fluffing up your dress you can give your ring to her to keep safe during the ceremony and then she can give it to you after. That way you have your wedding rings in the traditional order on your wedding day.

Finally, you can leave your engagement ring on your left hand and wear it underneath your wedding band and either switch it around later or leave it as it is ultimately the decision is up to you.

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